Hello! I’m Will, a senior software engineer, aspiring product leader, and engineering culture enthusiast.

A survivor graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, I graduated in May 2013 with a degree in Computer Science, Platforms and Information Internetworks Threads. I was also a long-time TA for CS 2316, Data Input and Manipulation, having served as a TA or Head TA at Georgia Tech under Dr. Jay Summet for virtually my entire time at Georgia Tech. Afterwards, I spent a couple of years volunteering with TEALS, teaching Computer Science remotely to a class of high school students in Morgan County, KY. I hope to go back to volunteering with TEALS a few years in the future from now, once I finish my higher-education pursuits!

In August 2013, I started a full-time job with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Cloud Services group, on the Identity team and saw Visual Studio Team Services through a whole bunch of awesome milestones like the service becoming generally available, building our OAuth2.0 and Personal Access Token stacks so other developers can build their own solutions on top of VSTS, and many, many more!

In June of 2017, I decided to try my hand at building the Identity platform used by millions of people across the globe daily, transferring to work on the passwordless future of authentication! I’ve got a lot of neat things coming down the pipe – more coming soon!

You can also check out my LinkedIn profile to learn about some of the cool things I’ve been doing recently!

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